When I am not that busy at South London escorts, I spend some time writing erotic stories.



None of them are real life stories but many of them come from my erotic dreams. I have lots of erotic dreams that I like to share with people, and I think that writing about them, is one of the most exciting ways of giving people an insight into me. Like most other girls here at South London escorts, I am a highly sexed person and I love sex and porn.

Since I first started to write my erotic stories, I have dreamed about seeing them in film. It would be the ultimate experience. Porn studios are always looking for new writers, and in the past, I have even thought about taking time off from South London escorts to visit them. Some of the girls here at South London escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts are pretty sure that the studios would like my material. It is a bit unusual and I know that is what studios are looking for these days.

Most movie studios, including porn studios, look for up and coming writers. One of my dates at South London escorts think that I would make a perfect fit especially for many of the sort of riskier American studios. I would love to have a go at it, and my date has told me how to promote myself. Of course, you have to be careful that nobody steals your script, so I have only been sending of bits and pieces of my scripts. A couple of the studios that I have approached are interested and would like me to visit Los Angeles. Next time I have a couple of weeks off from South London escorts, I intend to do.

I have worked out that I can comfortably afford the flight and a longer stay in Los Angeles. My date here at South London escorts who is a literary agent, has been able to source a lot of contact for me. I have emailed them, and I hope to be able to schedule meetings with all of them. It is going to be a hectic two weeks off from South London escorts, but if I am savvy about it, I am sure that something will come out of it. Being confident is super important and I am really confident in my own writing capability.

Would I like to star in one of the movies? It would be kind of a neat idea, and I am sure that it would kick off my career as a porn movie writer. In other way, it would allow at least one of my sexual fantasies and sex role play to come true. It would a fantastic turn on for me, and I would love to be able to say that I did that. Would I like to go back to South London escorts afterwards? I am not sure that I would. Trying to make a living out of writing erotic short stories would be great, and I have this sneaky suspicion that I could make it. After all, I am a very sexy young lady.

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